I’m Now Network+ Certified

The news is a few weeks late (I’ve been swamped with a few projects) but I’m now Network+ certified. The cert was a little anti-climactic after the GCIH exam but it’s one of the baseline certs that I wanted to get out of the way.

I’ve had several people ask me why I bothered to get certs like A+ and Net+ after possessing higher level certs such as GCFA and GCIH. My answer was that I got started late and I skipped over a lot of the “basics”.

I’ve been messing with computers my whole life and for several years the duties at my job revolved around programming, data mining from SQL databases etc.  Despite this I was never a systems administrator or network technician and while I’ve developed and ran simple databases I was never a real DBA.

I’ve found that when taking “higher level” courses, a lot of the knowledge one would acquire from doing jobs such as a systems administrator is assumed. I haven’t run into any problems yet but I wanted to be proactive in trying to fill in any knowledge holes. I’m planning on taking my GSEC and SEC+ early in 2013 to try to round out what I feel I need for a “knowledge baseline”.

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