GCIH Passed

I’m a few days late in posting this but last Monday I passed my GCIH exam with a 94. SANS advisory board here I come!!!

I watched the course in the On Demand format taught by Ed Skoudis and attended the live training taught by John Strand. It was very time consuming but well worth it to get the material from two world class instructors with different points of view.

The key to my high score was taking some great advice from a SANS teaching assistant & mentor named Neal Bridges who encouraged me to make a detailed (mine ended up around 30 pages) index and was kind enough to show me his GSEC index so I had an idea on how to format mine. I’ll write up a blog post soon where I’ll discuss my index and show a few samples.



2 thoughts on “GCIH Passed

  1. I too had Neal Bridges and I really enjoyed the class. I’m taking my GCIH in a few weeks and currently listening to the John Strand MP3s. I’ll be re-doing the labs, and re-reading the material, as well as making my index. This is how I passed my GSEC, but I understand the GCIH is much more difficult. Any feedback on the difficulty of the GCIH vs. the GSEC?

  2. Very cool about the class. Neal rocks. He’s a natural teacher and answered every question I threw at him.

    I actually got 2 points higher on the GCIH than I did the GSEC. Even though the GCIH is still pretty broad it’s a lot more focused then the GSEC and a bit easier to prep for. Hours studying and a fat index will definitely pay off.

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